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Denver Pools & Spas, Inc.

Thank you for visiting Denver Pools & Spas, Inc. We have been in the pool and spa business since 1993 and, with several top awards in the industry, our experience and customs designs speak for themselves. Working with the customer closely to help design and build their "dream pool" is our speciality. Ten of our custom pool designs have won awards in the industry and have been published in Aqua Magazine.

We specialize in fiberglass and concrete pools installed in both residental and commercial settings. For 7 years we owned a retail outlet in Denver. This experience exposed us to a large customer based and gave us valuable knowledge in every aspect of custom pool sales, repair and most of all design. We recently departed from the retail outlet and now focus on custom pools and spas exclusively.

Thank you for your interest in Denver Pools & Spas, Inc., please contact us if you would like more information or have questions about owning a custom pool.

Denver Pools & Spas, Inc.
Winner of 10 International Aqua Design Awards
All Tile Pools, UV Peroxide Systems, Electric Automatic Pool Covers, Hydramatic Automatic Pool Covers, Engineered Pools, Solar Pools, Vanishing Edge Pools, Replastering, Pool Equipment Repair, Opening & Closing Pools, Streams, Waterfalls, Water Features


Viking Pools, Blue Hawaiian Pools and Trilogy Pools

For any information, please call 303-295-POOL Authorized Viking Pools Dealer