25 Reasons to Buy a Viking Fiberglass Pool

  1. The ceramic core technology allows Viking Pools to offer the best warranty in the industry. Viking’s ceramic composite pool comes with a 20 year warranty on the pool’s surface and a lifetime warranty on its structure.
  2. Less maintenance than concrete by up to 70%. Never needs remarciting or replaster.
  3. Savings on electricity – run equipment only four hours a day instead of 10 – 12 hours for concrete pools.
  4. Savings on chemicals. Fiberglass does not bleed alkali into water so you use less acid.
  5. A pool that outlasts gunite or vinyl liners.
  6. A pool designed and built by a manufacturer under controlled conditions. More than 51,000 pools have been installed across the United States.
  7. A smooth surface of non abrasive material. No bleeding toes and fingers or worn bathing suits.
  8. More resistant to stains than an ordinary plastered finish.
  9. More economical than vinyl, no replacement of liners.
  10. Smooth less porous finish will not allow algae to penetrate its walls (light brushing will remove algae easily).
  11. No acid washing or replastering.
  12. The only fiberglass pool to which ceramic tile can be applied on all models at the factory. Our tile is applied under factory controlled conditions with a silicone latex which has built in algae inhibitor to deter algae growth. We have a 20 year warranty on our tile installation.
  13. 17 times stronger (flexurally) than concrete. Because cement is ridged, it will always crack.
  14. Structural stiffeners in our side walls provide extra support during installation and backfilling.
  15. Largest selection of fiberglass pools & spas available.
  16. All the great options available for your complete swimming pleasure and for beautification of your existing or planned landscape.
  17. Our Standard Gel Coat or Premium Crystite or Diamond Series Finish is added which has a 20-year finish. Our Crystite Finish is available in four unique standard colors and millions of colors with our Kaleido-Center.
  18. In stock pool & spa availability for viewing at the factory. (See how your pool is made, before you see it in your yard.)
  19. 10 day installation, we deliver, including permits, digging the hole, setting your pool, backfilling, plumbing, wiring, grading, pouring decking, and start-up.
  20. Fiberglass is hard-laid across the pool to complete the important corrosion barrier and enhances durability. Additional layers of chopped fiberglass are added. When combined with the hand laid fiberglass it provides additional strength.
  21. Year round installation, seasonal “specials”.
  22. Complete, ready to swim packages, at an affordable price.
  23. Honeycomb vertical supports are added to help support the walls during the installation process. The closed beam construction is then completed to strengthen the coping around the pool.
  24. The best value for your money. Viking pools are an easily observable, better value.
  25. A solid company that stands behind its product and has dealer contractors to serve you.