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Ultraviolet Light/Hydrogen Peroxide
Sterilize Your Pool and Spa Water, Instead Of Disinfecting It!!

Ultraviolet light and Hydrogen Peroxide have been used in treatment of water for a number of years commercially. The method is nothing new or experimental. This system has been used in hospital therapeutic whirlpools, workout pools, and health resorts. Pool and Spa King has always tried to give our customers the most reliable and maintenance free spas and pools as possible. It was only natural that we use the best technology available for the water maintenance of our pools and spas.

With this system, the ultraviolet light takes the place of the bromine and chlorine that is used to kill bacteria. This is done by passing 100% of the water through a ultraviolet light chamber. This results in a 99% bacterial kill by effecting the DNA in the organism. The bacteria cannot reproduce creating sterile water. Bacteria is one of the primary causes for skin rashes in spas.

Once the bacteria has been eliminated, Hydrogen Peroxide is added to the water as an oxidizer. The Hydrogen Peroxide is introduced into the water by means of a small metering pump. This pump regulates the amount of peroxide needed. Oxidizers eat up organic material. In a spa or pool, this organic material is usually body oils, soaps, cosmetics, and lotions that wash off a persons skin in hot water. These organics produce, in chemical systems, the unpleasant orders, cloudy water, brown foam, and scum lines around the spa (bathtub ring). The Hydrogen Peroxide eliminates these problems creating low water maintenance for your spa or pool.

Benefits of the Ultraviolet Light/Hydrogen Peroxide System
  • Water is sterilized not disinfected. It's like filling your spa up with fresh water every time you use it. It is not necessary to change the spa water.
  • The water is healthy for you and your family to sit in. Your skin is absorbing oxygen, not all the chemicals added to the water in other spas. Chorine promotes dry itchy skin. This makes you feel that you need a shower after you use a chemically treated spa. In this system your skin stays soft and moisturized.
  • The system is non-toxic to the environment. Clorine and beromine and exists for 60 to 100 years. These chemicals are a contributor to the problems with the ozone layer of the atmosphere.
  • There are no additional chemicals needed to purify your spa water. This eliminated the need for you to be a water chemist to use your spa.
  • The system works automatically. This eliminates the need for you to baby-sit your spa.
  • The system meets or exceeds all the Colorado State swimming pool and spa health codes for residential and commercial applications.


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